The Freaking Sink Dwellers.

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The Freaking Sink Dwellers. Empty The Freaking Sink Dwellers.

Post by Chaos. on Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:51 am

Think about it. You are having a peaceful meal. You finish your food and put your plate in the sink. But before you can pull your hand back out, hundreds of tiny naga swarm your hand and poke you, injecting their poisons into your skin. You jerk your hand out of the water, not even knowing what happened. Your hand starts to ache. Soon your whole arm goes numb and then the poison heads into the heart for a slow and extremely painful death. And you didnt even know what caused it. The FREAKING SINK DWELLERS.

Leader-Lord Food Scraps
Location-Your sink
Unit-Waffle eaters... ummmm, Meh ill come up with something later.

The Freaking Sink Dwellers. 153234-albums1625-picture13099

The best tribe ever....ya i was bored. lol. I make a better tribe later.

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